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About Deep Psychology

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At Deep Psychology, we believe in the power of mental well-being to transform individuals and organizations. Our mission is to bring clarity to the balance between work and workplace productivity while providing inspirational resources that credit organizations for fostering exceptional workplace culture.

Our Journey

We are trusted by more than 44 organizations

Deep Psychology was established during the lockdown of 2020, recognizing the pressing need for mental health support during challenging times. With our unique approach to self-improvement, we swiftly excelled in this environment. We garnered over 50 support contracts within the first year and formed alliances with other service providers, including yoga trainers and wisdom storytellers, to expand our offerings.

Services We Offer

We allocated specific resources based on your requirements

We provide a range of services tailored to meet the diverse needs of our clients. Our virtual services enable individuals to access support from anywhere, while our in-person experiences create meaningful connections and growth opportunities. We also specialize in event planning for mental health programs, training, and ongoing consultations to foster lasting positive change.

meet our founder

darshan pindoria

Founder and Lead Psychologist

Psychology BSc, Vlogger, public speaker who also took up training for 9 months in a yoga ashram. Exploring the mind is a huge passion and now I have the chance to put that together with my social personality style.
Phone: +44 7979 343 541
E-mail: [email protected]

Expertise and Approach

We are trusted by more than 44 organizations

Our team at Deep Psychology is trained in both eastern and western practices of psychology. With qualifications as NLP Practitioners and Hypnotherapists, we bring a holistic perspective to mental well-being. By delving deep into the root causes of thinking patterns, we empower individuals to identify and navigate their proactive and reactive thinking styles. This process enables them to regain control and develop mental strength.

Impact and Client Focus

We allocated specific resources based on your requirements

We have witnessed a profound impact in workplace environments through our approach. By fostering a knock-on effect of positive thinking, we promote mental strengthening within teams and support corporations as a whole. While our clients primarily come from the fashion space, we cater to workplaces across various settings, whether they are creativity-oriented or productivity-driven.
Our Dedicated Team

We provide a great place to work!

Deep Psychology comprises a dedicated team of six internal members who work tirelessly to ensure the highest level of service. Additionally, we have a network of 48 providers who cover a wide range of specialities. All resource production is handled internally, ensuring consistent quality and a seamless experience for our clients.

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