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People avoid conversations on mental health due to the fear of being misunderstood. After over 10 years in this industry, we are firm believers that professional robust approaches are not always the answer. The key is the mental wavelength of the person receiving this education/training to make sure they feel for the topic. Deep impact comes from deep connection. By understanding this we are able to go into even corporate sectors and still speak out to the inner child within people.


We commonly learn and train for various types of tasks but how often do we train in mastering our own mind? Our mind is the single tool that determines the output of each moment of life. Experiencing mind training is experiencing elevated living.


Setting up therapy for organisations through deep psychology means you have a team that understands your organisation and can apply their therapy skills accordingly. Therapy is the most effective way to resolve mental health challenges.


Tacking psychosocial challenges within an organisation is hard for your current team to do because of common biases that take shape. that is why third party professionals are proven to be most effective.





Top management and HR teams are faced with various challenges so we want to uncover as much as possible and make sure your challenges are at the forefront of our time together. 


We understand psychology but we are yet to understand your company culture and processes. Using a structured analysis report we will assess the ideal plan and progressive measurables. 

Review plan

We understand change is hard and to make sure their is no negative effect on current styles of work we’ll review the plan of action with you. In many cases inspiration talks can throw people off into the mental rush leaving them unable to work due to emotional triggers. All has to be taken into account so we maximise the positive effect. 

Schedule and execute

It may be new to you but its common for us. Many challenges arise when pushing through mental health events like getting people to attend or setting up the right space. We understand you don’t want extra hassle so let us use our experience to smooth out the process. 

Progress review

If you can’t measure it you can’t change it, so the saying goes. Tracking change in mental health can be done n various ways, some more time consuming than others. Making sure the trends are going in a positive direction is the fundamental benefit to note and stay in control of. 

ideas for your preferred service

We always provide highly interesting insights into the world of deep psychology


Anxiety is the most common mental illness and affects all people with different levels of intensity. Set your organisation up to be prepared to handle anxiety cases and prevent them from spiralling out of control.

Confidence RESOURCES

Lack of confidence is a hidden topic for many people on an internal level. By putting in place great resources and tactics for confidence growth you create a wave that sparks confidence and flows naturally.  


The ever growing library of video courses and online courses. When it comes to learning styles the biggest trend is learning are your own pace from digital media. We have the ability to create bespoke courses for your organisation. 


40% of workers struggle to sleep well. Two main aspects to improving sleep comes from biological and psychological techniques. Put both styles together and you have a practical tool kit to apply. 


As fun as it may sound, we can do hypnosis with a crowd, small group or on a one-to-one basis. Hypnosis is most powerful when it comes to embedding deep commands into our psyche.  

Raise the bar

We lower our bar due to previous failures and raise it based on our successes. Lets open this discussion and get that bar raised again because your future is directly related to how high you raise the bar. 

The trapped self

Pushing yourself is a challenge that takes place all in the mind. Once you get started with the progressive behaviour all your worries start to clear but getting into a proactive style is the hard part. 

Mental health explained

Mental health awareness has come along way over the last 15 years. Let us help your organisation become aware of what mental health is and methods of improving this.

Mental strengthening

Challenging environments can strengthen you or weaken you. Trying your mind to take the route of self strengthening each time is tactical and habitual. Our mental strengthening training is comprised of stress testing and quick wins. 

What you get

The advantages of considering Deep psychology for your organization


Consult with us to resolve long term and short term problems to stop employees thinking about leaving


Over 30% of absences are due to anxiety and depression. Poor mental health costs UK employers up to £45 billion each year


When areas of mental health are supported well productivity increases by over 25%

We can't avoid all mental health issues but we can create an environment that empowers progress in all areas that affect mental health.

Information is more accessible than ever before but getting the right advice is difficult. Thi is because it is dependent on knowing the situation. 


Knowing helpful information is great but seeing it impact peoples lives in a positive way is true success. This is why we keep innovating to make our teachings as practical as possible. 


Pay it forward is the true spirit of all companies looking to do good in this world. Once you grasp a helpful concept it is important to grasp it in such a way you can empower others to help themselves with it as well. 

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